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Consultancy & Workshops for Schools
With over 30 years experience in some of the top schools in the country in the roles of teacher, school counsellor and parent, Rayna is well placed to advise schools on all aspects of pastoral care and mental health issues.

After leaving teaching, throughout which she was always heavily involved in PSHE provision and student pastoral care, Rayna became a founding partner of 'Understanding Strategies', a consultancy focused on helping Head Teachers, Pastoral Leaders and Form Tutors deal more confidently with the difficult emotional issues which affect students such as peer & family relationships, transitions,  parental break-up, extended familiy issues, mental disorders, anger, stress & anxiety, perfectionism, sexuality, sexual identity , eating disorders and substance abuse, amongst many others. 

Rayna has advised Head Teachers and Pastoral Leaders and has been involved more recently in crisis work in schools following student suicide.

While Rayna is passionate about helping students of all ages and from all types of schools, Rayna's special interest is in the issues affecting students and their families  and staff in high achieving and Indepenent schools (click on 'High Achievers' page for more information).

  • Consultancy for Head Teachers and SLTs on all aspects of pastoral care.
  • Counselling /Coaching for staff and students
  • Crisis management following tragic incidents such as suicide, illness, death.
  • CPD for teachers:  e.g. How to be a more effective Form Tutor, How to approach difficult topics in PSHE (sex, pornography, mental health issues, transition with confidence).
  • Individual or Group Supervision for Head Teachers, Pastoral Heads, Teachers and all other Staff.   Regular monthly supervision offers staff  the opportunity to offload any difficult issues they may unconsciously  be carrying for their students or peers. It provides an opportunity for staff to speak in a confidential and non judgmental setting about any stress or anxiety which may be affecting their work or mental health and is recommended as an essential addition to all school's wellbeing policy.
  • Student Workshops, Assemblies, PSHE Talks/Conferences (mental health issues, eating disorders, Aspergers and Autism, OCD, bereavement, suicide, relationships, transition, sexuality, sexual identity, substance abuse and all topics covered in PSHE).
  • Peer Mentoring and Buddy Schemes: How to set them up and run them effectively.
  • Parent workshops (suicide, mental health, how to parent more effectively, how to communicate better with teenagers etc.).

If you would like further details or if you would like to discuss your school's individual requirements and the fees we charge for our  various services, please contact us by filling out the form below or by phone on: 07961 34389. 

We shall be delighted to hear from you and shall always get back to you as soon as possible and will try to accommodate your needs as much as we can.